Boost your interest in A&P: Motivation

Find your motivation.

Figure out why the heck you are in this class.  Are you here because you have to be or because you want to be.

If you want to be, then your job is a little easier as you are probably already interested or you have already decided that you want to be in A&P because it gets you closer to a goal.

If you are here because you have to be and think you hate it, then you have to find a way to tie in your goals in life to this class.  You want to be a nurse but hate A&P?  Try to tie what you are learning about being a nurse – or to wherever this class is going to lead you.  If you can acknowledge that you are in class because you chose to be there to reach a goal, you might even be able to find a way to enjoy it.

If you don’t know why you’re in it, are doing it for someone else, or have changed your mind, then consider it a challenge to find something about it that interests you.  Challenge yourself to think of at least one question a day that is A&P related that you want answered.  Then ask, or find the answer.  If you can make yourself interested in a topic, then you’ll be…. well… interested in the topic!

It’s a powerful thing to acknowledge that you choose to be where you are.  You chose to be there, now choose to participate at a deeper level.  Choose to give the class, the professor, the material the benefit of the doubt.  There truly is something for everyone in A&P because everyone has a body!  Choose to find how it interests you and to do well in it.

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  1. Im 61 years young and love A&P. I barely past my intro class. Are there anatomy clubs that a student can join. I will be taking the TEAS VI exam. I thank the diligent person maintaining this website. Also, I want to buy an A&P software program. Is there one that you could recommend?

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