Boost your interest in A&P: Be Attentive

Be attentive:

It is important to pay attention in class. It is important not only for your scholarly success, but also for your relationship with your teacher. If you sit in class and listen actively, a teacher will remember you. A teacher will also realize that you are trying to learn and understand the material.

Before you go into the classroom, look over your notes from the previous session. If you have any questions, be ready to ask your teacher either before class or at the beginning of the class.

Try not to be distracted in class. Turn off your cell phone before walking into a classroom. Don’t sit near a window. If somebody comes in late, don’t watch them sit down and get ready for class. Don’t sit near your friends, if you know they will try to talk with you. Pay attention to the teacher and take notes. Sit correctly; don’t spread out all over the place. Sit straight; don’t put your head on the desk or the back of the chair. Wear proper clothing to class. Don’t wear your pajama bottoms or the clothes that you wore to bed. Treat your classroom like your workplace.

If an assignment is given, wait until the teacher is finished before asking questions. Usually all your questions will be answered before being asked. It helps to move around every ten or fifteen minutes, but do not fidget. Simply change your position. If you are taking notes and need clarification, ask the question at the appropriate moment., retrieved January 12, 2010

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