Using Movement and Music to teach A&P

Movement & Music

· Create accompanying movement for pathways or processes.  Whenever you describe a movement – for example the alternate beating of atria and ventricles – try and demonstrate the movement yourself using your hands or other body part.  Challenge students to come up with a movement that is representative.  Have them all mimic the movements offered.

· Hand out cards with the steps of a pathway and the participants – one step or player / destination on each card.  Have the students arrange themselves in the proper order referring to their cards, and in the appropriate shape if applicable.  Encourage them to make themselves look, move or sound like the part or step.  Then the holder of each card should shout their name out in order.  This is fun with the process of urine production as there are many steps / anatomical destinations and a definite arrangement of parts that could be simulated.

· A participant in my workshop at HAPS ’09 suggested using Christmas songs as a melody and writing new lyrics.  The twelve days of Christmas was mentioned as having great potential for substitution.

· And don’t forget about “Groovin’ in the Hippocampus: Songs to Learn A&P By”  You can listen to clips and download songs at the home page of this website.

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