Involve Literature and Movies in Anatomy & Physiology

Involving literature / movies

* Have students read The Fantastic Voyage (or watch the movie) and look for  accuracies and/or mistakes about what the voyagers encounter while traveling in their miniaturized submarine through the human body.

* Have students add to the book / movie by writing a new scene wherein the characters encounter something not covered in the book or movie.  They could present a skit to the class of this encounter.  (And don’t forget to have someone film it and post the video to Blackboard.)

* Challenge students to share accurate or inaccurate A&P bits from other novels or movies.  Certainly there are enough medical television shows that they probably have already encountered A&P mistakes on television.  They could turn in a description of the scene along with a reflection on its accuracy or a revelation of its inaccuracy.  Alternatively, as above, the student could re-write, or re-film, the scene making it anatomically or physiologically accurate.

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