How to improve study skills for A & P

Boost your interest in A&P: Invest

Successful students organize information, ask internal questions about what they are hearing, reading or seeing, and are interested. If you are going through the motions of school : attending class, taking notes and completing your reading and written assignments, you are only doing part of the job.  ESPECIALLY if you are not already interested in …

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Organize Information: Graphic Organizers

You can learn to organize information by using graphic organizers.  Graphic organizers are simply blank organizing formats that can be filled in or copied while relating information.  Using a graphic organizer helps you see connections between things and organize information.  The most basic and easiest to brainstorm with is probably the concept map. You can …

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Organize Information: Example of an Outline

Teachers and textbooks use outlines to present information in an organized fashion.  This is meant to help you understand which subjects / parts / items are related and how they fit together.  Whether it’s professor-supplied notes or straight lecture, usually a heading of what’s to come is followed by information that fits in that category.  …

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