Study Tracker – Figure out What Works For You

Tracking study techniques offers you 3 benefits.  The first 2 benefits are the possibility of discovering which study actions are the most beneficial, and whether or not you need to try something new.  If you make note of how you prepared for a test and then look over your techniques right after getting back the test, you can assess your preparation performance.  Hopefully, you will gain insight as to which actions were the most helpful and should be expanded, emphasized or developed, and where a new technique could be helpful.

Lastly, tracking study techniques is like writing down what you eat.  It forces you to consider and be honest about how much time, and the quality of the time that you spent studying.   Remember that being engaged in what you are doing, i.e.
asking questions about what you are reading,
linking what you are reading/studying to things you are interested in,
noticing similarities and differences between facts, ideas and processes within this class,
and similarities and differences between this class and other classes or realms of life,
will help you appreciate the topic, enjoy the topic, remember and be able to utilize the topic in your wonderfully unique and engaged life!

Forms are not necessary for everything, but for many of us, a form to fill out makes it all official and keeps us on track.  So, I offer the Study Tracker… a form to encourage exploration of study techniques and which includes a list of study suggestions to supplement your diet of reading and re-reading texts and class notes.

View or Download the Study Tracker here! (Click on the icon that appears after clicking here)

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