Questions Part B: Positive habits for faster learning

More Questions!

Last time we talked about asking questions of what you are reading, hearing & seeing.  When you formulate questions you are on the road to making connections, can’t help but become a little more interested in the subject and most of the time you get answers!

Practice asking questions about things that you think are boring.  Find something / anything to ask a question about.  Do this while watching TV, while having conversations and while trying to decide what to do about plans or problems.  Listing options is somewhat similar to asking questions because as you list options in day to day life, you are really asking yourself, “What if I did this?  Or how about this?”  If you can’t come up with a bunch of options then you aren’t stretching.  Think outside the box.  Come up with ridiculous options – it might help you figure out which of the non-ridiculous makes the most sense.  And it might help train you to let your mind wander a bit so that you ask questions about what you are reading, hearing, and seeing.

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