Songs to learn the skeletal system

Working on memorizing the names of the bones?  Make it more fun – Check out these songs!

Give Me Some Bones

The first of two bone songs, this song covers a bit of bone physiology and nomenclature for the axial skeleton.  The accompanying lyric sheet uses color changes to indicate nomenclature for a new section of the skeleton.

Download the song for free HERE.  Get a lyric sheet HERE.

Appendicularly Speaking

The second of two bone nomenclature songs, this song names the bones of the Appendicular skeleton.  There are many elements of the songs that will help you learn the names.  There are pauses not only between chorus and verse, but also between sections of verse that cover different parts of the body.  Note the break and the musical changes as the words shift from describing the pectoral girdle to describing the arm & wrist bones and then again as the words shift to describing the bones of the hand, etc.

Hear a clip or download the song at one of the links on the right side of this page.  Get a lyric sheet here.

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    1. Bill, site admin

      Thank you, Caroline, for the comment Yes, you are correct. The version on the CD has these backwards. The free download version is the corrected version. For this free version and a link to the corrected lyric sheet email ljb at (replace “at” with @).

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