Song to Learn Immune System

[Lisa Jones Bromfield’s new song, Fight The Invader (The Immunity Song) was released by Clockwise Records as a digital single on February 22, 2011.]

Immunity is complex and can be confusing. This song can help straighten you out on specific defenses – those wonderful T-cells and B-cells that protect us and ….Fight the Invader!

This song teaches about the two main elements of the Specific Defenses portion of the Immune System. It includes a description of the processes of both cell-mediated and antibody-mediated defenses. Notice that the description of different t-cells and what they do is sung, while the description of all the ways antibodies (produced by B-cells) fight, is rapped [spoken], so if you hear it in your head, you’ll remember which is which. Also note how color is used on the lyric sheet to emphasize whether the song is talking about the recognition, fighting or preparation element of immunity through specific defenses.

[You can download the song immediately from CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon .

A free color coded lyric sheet is available here.]

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