Visual Exercises for A&P


Making connections between A&P and the rest of the world – through listening attentively to a description and then drawing what is described will involve lots of varied thought and create many connections.

Students will need paper, pencil or pen and two different A&P drawings or diagrams for each pair of students.
Have partners sit back to back and decide who will be the “listener” and who will be the “talker” first.  Each will eventually have a chance to play both roles.  Give each “talker” a copy of a diagram.  The Talker must describe and the Listener must sketch what they hear described without using any A&P terms.

This will allow the talker to think about the diagram or picture they are describing in non-A&P terms – they can compare it to something or describe the shapes involved.  You can decide then whether to ask the drawer to guess what it is.  You could also have the talker give hints if they can’t figure out what it is from the drawing.

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