Lymphatic System & Immunity

Below are some engaging activities / resources to help you teach about the immune system.
1) Immunity Game
2) Video a Battle
3) Edible Immunity Models
4) Song about Immunity

The following is a link to a site created by the Nobel Prize organization that includes information and a game about immunity.

Have a group of students acquire action figures from siblings or yard sales and assign roles to different action figures from a list of immune players.  You can provide different lists to different groups so that they can all learn from each other.
Students should video an action sequence in which the action figure(s) carry out the activity of their particular players in the immune system.  Students can provide alliterative names to their players and can move the players with their hands while narrating the action.  All films can be posted on BlackBoard.

Using toothpicks and edible objects, students should create models of immune system players that can stick to each other at ‘receptor sites’ (raisins on carrots or marshmallows or grapes or gummi bears, etc.)  They can explain how receptor sites work – only allowing a certain player to fit / match and then eat.

4)  Song about immunity from “Groovin in the Hippocampus”
You are always welcome to play my songs in class and share or project the lyric sheets, just don’t allow students to download the song please.  A girl’s gotta eat!
“Fight the Invader” a single about the actions of B cells and T cells.

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