Activities by System

Cell Biology

Find these activities / resources to increase student success with cell biology below: 1) Transcription – a story to explain transcription 2) cell membrane / phospholipid bilayer – short activity or demo 3) cell model 4) Mitosis activity 5) Visual mitosis 6) Mitosis animations 1) TRANSCRIPTION STORY Once upon a time, in my earlier life, …

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Acid-base (pH) balance / Homeostasis

Engaging activities to support your teaching of acid-base balance and homeostasis found below: 1) Human Demo of Osmosis 2) Buffer Ball (respiratory buffering system) 3) Homeostasis Activity 4) Song about homeostasis 1) Human Demo of Osmosis Preparation: Acquire a cubicle style divider, or several easels. Instruct 2/3 of the class to wear blue shirts and …

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