While it's still available for free, download the song "Give Me Some Bones" from Lisa Jones Bromfield's hugely popular CD "Groovin' in the Hippocampus: Songs to Learn Anatomy and Physiology by."

A&P is a tough course, there’s no doubt about it. 
Never fear, there is help!:
  • Do you remember lyrics to any songs?
    Did you work hard at memorizing those lyrics?
    Or did you just learn them by listening?
  • What if you could listen to music that helps you learn A&P?
  •                                 You can !
  • Give Me Some Bones” is a song that takes advantage of the power of music to help you learn the the anatomy and physiology of the human axial skeleton. 
  • Groovin in the Hippocampus is amazing! The Bromfields have put complicated physiological concepts and pathways to music with accurate and often humorous lyrics. A great learning tool!" - Brenda Wiens, Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy & Physiology .
  • “These songs are full of detail, color and are seasoned with a pedagogical tone so the listener hears the rhythmicity of the human body allowing for an easier understanding of such a wonderful, complex subject.” – Beth Pippin, MSN, NP, professor of nursing
  • “Patterns of learning involve many different patterns including the senses. Singing is a great way to help students in the study of A&P.” -Ann Simpson, MS, professor of A&P 
To download your free copy of Give Me Some Bones, Email LJB@Bromfields.net and request it.>>>>>

Message from Lisa Jones Bromfield:

We are making this song available to you to help you learn the axial bones and to introduce you to a method of learning that you may find extremely helpful in your study of A & P.  When you complete the form on this page you will receive:
    > an email with a link for your free mp3 of the song,
    > a link to the color coded lyric sheet for the song,
    > a link to a website with free study tips for A &  P students and
    > a link to information about other songs that are available. 
This free song offer will only be available for a limited time, so please take advantage of it while you can.

Lisa Jones Bromfield
R.N., singer-songwriter, recording artist & teacher
Lisa Jones Bromfield